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Anderson’s Future for Next Week and Beyond Cloudy at Best in Arizona

Losing to the Rams was just half the story for the Cards Sunday, as Derek Anderson had another tough day, and it ends up the QB also suffered a concussion. Anderson was benched in the third quarter of the Cardinals’ 19-6 loss, and left without speaking to the media. A blow to the head is […]

Statistically, Anderson Improving with Six Game Left

Looking at the chart below, it’s clear that Derek Anderson has improved over the past four weeks, at least statistically.  He’s cut down his interceptions and is making better decisions with the ball.  Anderson, however, constantly misses wide open targets, sometimes for points.  Those misses only show up in the box score in terms of […]

QBs, Turnovers, and Coaching Blunders Plague Cards

Talk about stating the obvious.  It’s just too bad that the answers aren’t as obvious.  Apparently, Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t have the answers either.  Darren Urban reports that “Coach Ken Whisenhunt wasn’t making any quarterback announcements the day after his team fell to the Buccaneers, 38-35.  He wanted to watch video with players and mull who […]

Hall or Anderson: A Sabremetric-Based Approach

There’s no immediate controversy.  Max Hall is the starter and he’s healthy and apparently ready to go for Sunday’s game.  If Hall falters, however, we could very well see Derek Anderson replace Max on the field, which would start the debate afresh.  Not that I’m expecting Hall to fail, but let’s start the debate now […]

Week 7 Recap: Cards Slide to 2nd Place with Loss, 22-10

The Seahawks swatted the Cardinals out of the rain filled Seattle sky before settling on their perch atop the NFC West with a 4-2 record.  The Cardinals, wings clipped and confidence bruised, flew back to Arizona from Qwest Field with their 3-3 record after failing to gain any momentum after an inspiring win in Week […]

Whisenhunt Tight-Lipped About Decision to Start Hall

The all-time leader in wins at Brigham Young University is poised at the gate, ready to start his NFL career.  It wasn’t too long ago that he watched seven rounds and 224 selections go by during the 2010 Draft without hearing his name called.  That name, however, now appears first on the Cardinals quarterback depth […]

Cardinals Struggling Without Strong Leadership

UPDATE: Speaking of the need for leadership, check out this article that Darren Urban of the Cards’ official website posted today. I get a sick feeling of nostalgia every time a broadcast of a 2010 Cardinals game shows highlights of Kurt Warner zipping passes between three defenders right into the chest of Anquan Boldin or […]

Deciding on a Quarterback: Anderson or Hall

If someone, before training camp, predicted that by Week 5 an undrafted rookie would be starting at quarterback for the two-time NFC West Champion Cardinals, I would have called you crazy, but evidently you would have come out looking like Nostradamus.  It hasn’t happened yet, but it certainly is looking like it will.  Does anyone […]

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